Punicalagin, 5 things you need to know if you consume pomegranate juice, nectar, extract or concentrate.

1. What is Punicalagin?

We have known, since the start of the 21st century, that Punicalagin is the polyphenol with the largest molecular weight and that it accounts for 50% of a pomegranate’s antioxidant capacity.

2. Where is Punicalagin found?

According to a study by the Food Safety Quality Research Group (CSA) at Miguel Hernández University in Spain, 70% of the punicalagin is to be found in the skin and in the membranes inside the pomegranate.

3. What is the recommended daily dose of Punicalagin?

Based on studies conducted to date, the daily recommended dose of Punicalagin ranges between 180 and 350 mg.

4. How is the Punicalagin in Granatum Plus products extracted?

All the methods used for extracting our juices, concentrates and extracts are performed through processes which have contact with the skin, in order to obtain the greatest possible percentage of punicalagin. We do not use any chemical processes to extract this polyphenol.

Since our project was launched in February 2005, we have been working in partnership with leading agri-food technology companies to create top quality products with a high concentration of Punicalagin, using pomegranates cultivated in Spain of the Mollar and Wonderful varieties.

5. What differentiates Granatum Plus products from the rest?

In 2008, a study funded by the Kansas State University in the United States and Miguel Hernández University in Spain, certified the high quality of our pomegranate juice after comparing it with other juices made in other countries.

In October 2016, the Food Quality and Safety research group, from Miguel Hernández University in Spain conducted an analysis study to identify Punicalagin in 22 products sold in the European Union.

In this study, it was found that the Granatum Plus products contain the highest quantity of Punicalagin out of all the products analysed.

Results in  total Punicalagina A + B:

- The Pomegranate Concentrate with the highest punicalagin content, 232 mg. punicalagin per 30 ml.

- The capsule with the highest punicalagin content, 200 mg. punicalagin per capsule.

- The Pomegranate Juice from concentrate with the highest punicalagin content, 226 mg. punicalagin per 200 ml.

- The Squeezed Pomegranate Juice with the highest punicalagin content, 346 mg. punicalagin per  200 ml.

*Gil MI, Tomás-Barberán FA, Hess-Pierce B, Holcroft DM & Kader AA (2000) Antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice and its relationship with phenolic composition and processing. J Agric Food Chem 48: 4581-4589.

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